Audiologist in St John's, Newfoundland

Where Your Journey Begins

A different hearing heath care experience focused on building meaningful patient relationships that support the journey to better hearing every step of the way.

Audiologist in St John's, Newfoundland

Where Your Journey Begins

A different hearing heath care experience focused on building meaningful patient relationships that support the journey to better hearing every step of the way.

About NewLife Hearing

At NewLife Hearing, we are here to listen to you! We strive to create an environment that revolves around you and we treat each of our patients as family - a community. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals and support the journey to better hearing and communication through understanding, empathy, education, and family support. We accomplish this through our multidisciplinary clinical approach to the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with hearing loss.

NewLife Hearing Health Centre is a locally owned, independent hearing healthcare practice located in St. John’s, NL. NewLife Hearing opened in 2012, and is located at 11 Elizabeth Avenue, Suite 202 (Lawton’s Building corner of Elizabeth Ave and Torbay Rd. ). Our goal is to get you connected once again with family and friends through improved communication.

Our Services

NewLife offers a comprehensive suite of hearing programs, services, and products that will enable an effective solution in supporting the journey to better health for each and every patient.

Our customized services include:

Thorough hearing assessments completed by a registered audiologist.

Custom hearing protection (personal and industrial)

  • Musicians ear plugs
  • Noise Protection
  • Sleep plugs
  • Swim plugs

Personalized Hearing Solution Plan, including:

  • Detailed explanation of test results.
  • Access to the latest in digital technology amplification from various suppliers around the world.
  • Assistive listening devices or smart phone connectivity benefits.
  • Review of overall communication strategies for success.
  • Education on adaptation to hearing aids and success for better hearing health. 
  • Aural Rehabilitation Classes or Hearing Education Classes included with every fitting (offered bi-annually). 
  • Recommendations/assessments of implantable hearing devices.

NewLife Experience

What is an Audiologist?

Audiologists are professionals who have expertise in overall hearing and vestibular health. They identify, assess, diagnose and treat individuals with peripheral or central hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders. Audiologists are involved in a number of different activities to promote effective communication, working directly with clients, their caregivers, or others who regularly interact with the client.

Audiologists provide a broad range of services that include the following activities:

  • Clinical and instrumental screening, assessment, identification, diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders in infants, children and adults; auditory processing disorders; tinnitus, hyperacusis and misophonia; and balance disorders.
  • Assessment, selection, taking ear mold impressions, dispensing, validation, verification and servicing of hearing aids.
  • Assessment, selection and development of other appropriate hearing assistive and rehabilitative strategies. This could include implantable hearing devices, assistive listening technology, aural rehabilitation, tinnitus re-training & vestibular rehabilitation.
  • Prevention, counseling and education services to clients, families, caregivers, other professionals and the public regarding all aspects of hearing and balance function.

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Audiologist in St John's Newfoundland

Find the right clinic for you

When looking for a clinic, it is a good idea to ensure that the professional’s clinic is in a convenient location and has office hours that suit your needs since you may require ongoing assistance.

Find someone with whom you feel comfortable to guide you on your journey to better hearing. Also, ask the office if they perform walk-in repairs, and provide hearing rehabilitation services such as counseling and support groups.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please get in touch with us today. The journey to better hearing begins at NewLife Hearing.

NewLife Hearing Health Centre in St John's, Newfoundland

Meet Our Team

Jillian Ryan, Registered Audiologist and Owner of NewLife Hearing
Jillian Ryan
Registered Audiologist, Owner
Genny Headshot Image
Genny Fifield
Patient Care Coordinator
Leigh headshot Image
Leigh Dyke
Front Office Manager
Jessica Griffiths, Registered Audiologist
Jessica Griffiths
Registered Audiologist
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