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Hearing Health: Our Proven Process

Our values reflect a commitment to long-term patient care and support, coupled with a compassionate approach and a customized hearing solution plan.

NewLife hearing products

Hearing Health: Our Proven Process

Our values reflect a commitment to long-term patient care and support, coupled with a compassionate approach and a customized hearing solution plan.

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Hearing Evaluations

The NewLife Hearing journey to better hearing reflects a commitment to long-term patient care and support, coupled with a compassionate approach and a customized hearing solution plan. This journey starts with you.

We are committed to improving your quality of life through appropriate diagnosis, thorough counseling and customized hearing solutions plan that are reflective of each individual's specific needs.


During your first appointment, NewLife Hearing Health Centre will:

  • Assess your hearing.
  • Explain our findings so that you understand your hearing loss and what it means to your communication.
  • Provide you and your doctor with a detailed report outlining our audiology-based recommendations and treatment plan.
  • If there is hearing loss that is not medically treatable, we will work with you to develop a course of treatment based on your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Our Process

Audiologist in St John's Newfoundland

Audiological Evaluation

The first step begins with a proper audiological evaluation. The right hearing aid selection is made once we thoroughly understand your hearing loss and lifestyle needs.

Your first step to better hearing begins with a thorough audiological evaluation. Selection and programming of amplification is based upon this diagnosed hearing loss and as well as further understanding of your lifestyle demands.

An audiological (hearing test) evaluation is an in-depth assessment of your hearing loss. The purpose of this evaluation is to determine the nature and degree of the hearing loss. Your audiologist will start by asking you questions about your medical and hearing history. It's a good idea to inform your audiologist about aspects of your lifestyle that require you to hear properly, such as whether or not you talk on the phone a lot, or socialize often in challenging listening environments such as restaurants. The evaluation will take place in a soundproof booth. Audiologists use a number of different tests in this evaluation to assess your hearing and speech understanding. A comprehensive evaluation may include other tests such as listening to sentences in noise. 

Your hearing loss will be displayed on an audiogram, a graph which illustrates how well you hear the various pitches that are important for speech understanding. You should expect that this graph be explained in detail. Understanding your hearing loss is key to your path to better hearing health. Your journey to better hearing health may include being fit with amplification or hearing aids. Your options for rehabilitation will be clearly outlined and explained.

At NewLife Hearing this treatment course is all outlined in an individualized communication plan guiding you on your road to better hearing health.

Hearing Aid Choices in St John's Newfoundland

Hearing Aid Selection

The next step is to assist you in helping you make the appropriate hearing aid selection according to your technological needs as well as your financial needs.

Your audiologist will work with you to review all hearing aid options. The two of you will select the best choice for your particular needs. In selecting the best option for you, several choices should be reviewed such as discussions of various technology levels and options, cosmetic features, as well as blue tooth accessories or compatibility with smart phones. The choice of hearing aid styles and features is based on these several factors as well as the exact type and degree of your hearing loss. The one hearing aid is not the same for everyone. Not everyone has the same hearing loss and communication demands nor do they need the same hearing aid. It's your time to educate yourself about your hearing loss.

Hearing Healthcare in St John's Newfoundland

Personalized Fitting

Our audiologists will listen to your feedback and use all our education and expertise to ensure that your hearing aids are properly fitted to your hearing needs. It's a team approach!

Fitting Hearing Aids

Adjusting to amplification takes time. Remember you have been listening to our noisy world through "filtered" ears with a hearing loss. That's why the relationship between you and your audiologist is so critical to your success. Learning to listen again takes time. It's a process that requires patience, a number of initial visits, and good communication between you and your audiologist. Hearing aids are not a cure-all. There is a misconception that hearing aids fix the problem immediately - they are not fit like glasses. Successful rehabilitation of your hearing requires appropriate counseling, together with advanced technology, to make a world of difference. We also offer complementary hearing education classes with every fitting to help along the way.

The decision to get connected to the world again is in your hands. NewLife Hearing Health Centre patients receive only the finest hearing care available from highly trained Audiologists. Our professionals are able to utilize the most advanced technologies and are given excellent support and on-going training to ensure they provide consistent and beneficial treatment. We believe that a hearing aid is just one part of the journey to better hearing health and communication. NewLife Hearing encourages a patient’s partner/family to be a part of the process, so they too can understand the effects of a hearing loss on an individual as well as on their family members. It is a process of learning to become better listener and it's often a life-changing experience.